Allow login mutation to be public when the endpoint is fully restricted

If you’ve configured your WPGraphQL settings to “Limit the execution of GraphQL operations to authenticated requests”, this will block all root operations unless the user making the request is already authenticated. If you’re using a GraphQL mutation to authenticate, such as the one provided by WPGraphQL JWT Authentication, you might want to allow the login …

Make all Users Public

The following snippets allow for Users with no published content to be shown in public (non-authenticated) WPGraphQL query results. For a more detailed write-up, read the blog post: Allowing WPGraphQL to show unpublished authors in User Queries

Making Menus and Menu Items public

By default, Menus and Menu Items that are not assigned to a Menu Location are considered private, meaning they are not exposed in non-authenticated WPGraphQL Queries. If you want to expose Menus and Menu Items that are not assigned to menu locations to public GraphQL Queries, you can use the following snippet: