Sets the post lock

apply_filters( 'graphql_post_object_mutation_set_edit_lock', bool $lock, int $post_id, array $input, WP_Post_Type $post_type_object, string $mutation_name, AppContext $context, ResolveInfo $info, string $default_post_status, string $intended_post_status );


  • $lock (bool): The post lock boolean
  • $input (array): The input for the mutation
  • $post_type_object (WP_Post_Type): The Post Type Object for the type of post being mutated
  • $mutation_name (string): The name of the mutation (ex: create, update, delete
  • $context (AppContext): The AppContext passed down to all resolvers
  • $info (ResolveInfo): The ResolveInfo passed down to all resolvers
  • $intended_post_status (string): The intended post_status the post should have according to the mutation input
  • $default_post_status (string): The default status posts should use if an intended status wasn’t set