Filters the field used for ordering connection queries when cursors are used for pagination Params $field (array): The field used for ordering the cursor. $key (string): The field key $value (string): The field value $type (string): The type the field should be cast as $order (string): The order the field should be ordered by $cursor_builder …


Given a string, and optional context, this decodes html entities if html_entity_decode is enabled Params $enabled (string): Whether html_entity_decode should be applied to the string passed through the \WPGraphQL\Utils::html_entity_decode method. $string (string): The string being passed through for possible decoding $field_name (string): The field name being passed through for posible decoding $model (\WPGraphQL\Model\Model): The Model …


Filter the config of WPUnionType Params $config (array): Array of configuration options passed to the WPUnionType when instantiating a new type $union_type (WPUnionType): The instance of the WPUnionType class


Filter the possible_types to allow systems to add to the possible resolveTypes. Params $types (array): The possible types for the Union $config (array): The config for the Union Type


Filter the resolve type method for all unions Params $type (mixed): The Type to resolve to, based on the object being resolved $object (mixed): The Object being resolved $union_type (WPUnionType): The WPUnionType instance


Set the $filterable_config as the $config that was passed to the WPSchema when instantiated Params $config (array): The WPSchema config to filter


Filter WPScalar config Params $config (array): The WPScalar config $type_registry (TypeRegistry): The TypeRegistry


Filter all object fields, passing the $typename as a param. This is useful when several different types need to be easily filtered at once. . .for example, if ALL types with a field of a certain name needed to be adjusted, or something to that tune. Params $fields (array): The array of fields for the …


Filters the interfaces applied to an object type Params $interfaces (array): List of interfaces applied to the Object Type $config (array): The config for the Object Type $object_type (WPObjectType): The WPObjectType instance


Filter the config of WPObjectType Params $config (array): Array of configuration options passed to the WPObjectType when instantiating a new type $object_type (WPObjectType): The instance of the WPObjectType class